Storm Arashi  Rattling Deep 18

Storm Arashi Rattling Deep 18

The Storm Arashi Rattlin Deep 18 swims with limited side-to-side action and body roll to maximize diving depth and reduce angler fatigue when retrieving. Single cadence rattle for low frequency sound penetrates further yet is not overpowdering. Features a circuit board lip starts diving right away at slow speeds and quickly reaches maximum diving depth, staying in the range through the retrieve. The self-tuning line tie is a free-moving design that keeps the lure tracking true, ensuring non-stop fishing action. This Arashi bait  has rotated hook angers that nests the hooks close to the body for improved action, preventing  hangups, even with its larger hooks.
Dives to 18ft
Length: 3"
Weight: 7/8oz
Bluegill *DISC*
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