FishLife Fizz Needles

FishLife Fizz Needles
Price: $7.09
Description & Specs
  • Made to the Texas Dept. of Parks & Wildlife specs of 1.5" x 18 gauge
  • FishLife recommends the side entry method
  • Dispose of properly after 5-6 uses because the loss of a surgical edge
  • Reduces mortality due to energy depletion
  • Works best when used with FishLife Fin Clips
  • Fizzing is safe when the right size needles are used
  • Used to deflate the air bladder due to being caught in deep water or when brought to the surface too quickly. Also known as Barotrauma. Signs of a fish suffering from an overinflated swim bladder (barotrauma) is the fish immediately rolls to its back and/or the belly feels like a balloon.
  • A fish suffering from barotrauma will kill itself trying to right itself back into an upright position. The fish will be in good shape and will be healthy but it just needs some help from a responsible fisherman.